Startling the world with a Single Cry

Startling the world with a Single Cry One day, a military official quietly asked King of Chu in the carriage. “Your Majesty, I heard that in the south, there was a big bird dwelling in the hills. Three years passed, it neither flew nor cried. Could Your Majesty tell me the reason.”King Zhuang of Chu smiled and answered: ”It didn’t spread its wings to fly for three years in order to grow full-fledged. It didn’t cry for three years duanwenw.comin order to carefully observe the conditions of the people in the world. This bird, once it flies, will soar high into the sky; once it cries, it will startle the world with a single cry.” 公告 [站內活動] 戀愛特務開跑!噗通聯誼去



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